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GL lyrics!

Technically none of this is new material, as I'm sure other people have shared song translations in the past (and even if that's not the case, I know I provided text files in the .rar from my last post, which also now has direct mp3 links thanks to slutty), and people who wanted to see the lyrics to the English songs just need to download the booklet .zip from a previous post made by kawaii_madoushi (I still love you! ♥). However, here it's all brought together in the same place so you don't need to go hunting around or downloading big-ass files.

So, here you guys go: Gurren-Lagann song lyrics! These are all permanent links! (They should be, being text files...) These are also all submitted to AnimeLyrics.com, but given as I romanized and translated them all, I don't see anything wrong with sharing my own links.

Also, yes, I edit my own posts a lot. :|

Sora-iro Days (OP)


Minna no Peace (3rd ED)

happily ever after (insert song, 2nd ED)

BREAK THROUGH THE DREAM (Simon & Kamina duet)

Trust (Yoko solo)

Nikopol (Viral image theme - thanks, yukie1013, for cluing me in on the meaning of the name!)

Rappu ha Kan no Oni da! Onore wo Shinjite Ten wo Yubisasu Dotou no Otoko Kamina-sama no Teema wo Mimi no Ana Kappojitte Yo~ku Kikiyagare!! (DAMMIT KAMINA GET A SHORTER IMAGE THEME NAME)

Gattai nante Kusokurae!! (G-L gattai theme)

"Libera me" from hell (need I say more?)
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