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Luceti RP

Welcome to Luceti, a beautiful world with lush forest, clean rivers, and wondrous natural beauty. It is home to many types of plants and animals, as well as a race of beings called the Filial. The Filial are human in all appearances except for one feature, the small angel-like wings that grow out of their backs. They are not exactly flight capable, but the wings do allow the Filial to hover off the ground several inches. Very attuned to nature and spirits, the Filial are capable of great magic. They use a lot of elemental magic, and are able to converse with animals. For as long as the Filial could remember, they were peaceful and happy; there was no war, famine, or disease. But that happiness was soon shattered by the invasion of the Malnosso. What are they? The Filial aren’t exactly sure, but ever since they appeared, strange and even horrible things have happened. It’s almost as if the Malnosso’s arrival brought a curse to the land of Luceti. In fact, it is more like several curses. Some have been harmless and others have cost the Filial their lives.

The curses are, actually, experiments conducted by the Malnosso in order to see physical and mental reactions of the Filial. And as the population on Filial drops drastically, the Malnosso lose test subjects. So what do they do, especially since they can’t seem to breed Filial fast enough? That’s right; this is where your character comes in. The Malnosso have found a way to draw people in from other universes. The machine that they use is not picky. It wants everybody, the strong, the weak, old, young, anything. And so when you’re least expecting it, your world goes black as you are drawn into Luceti. And you will never be the same.

When you wake up, you’re in a lot of pain, and usually alone in a room. You’ve been out for a while, and when you finally find the strength to move, you become aware that your body just doesn’t feel right. And when you finally see yourself, you know why. You’ve been altered. You still look basically the same, but you are now sporting a lovely little pair of wings on your back, and a serial number/barcode tag on the back of your neck. You are now one of the Filial, and the Malnosso can’t wait to experiment on you.


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