November 7th, 2007

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EDIT- has stopped taking orders due to a very high demand volume ;3;
Your best bet of getting these is from other sites, like, but most likely at a much higher price, and waiting til they come out and on to e-bay.

Also- this is COLLECTION 1, meaning there most likely be more :D

EDIT 2- TOYSLOGIC.COM is taking pre-orders and is about $10-20 cheaper!!

Hey guys, check out what I just pre-ordered:
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I suggest if you want the 5% early bird, you order now- or else it'll cost you like $60 bucks -_-
EB ends nov 8th, BTW
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A Quick Question

I have a question about the Gurren Lagann DS game.

I was just wondering if it is text heavy? I've been trying for ages to think of a present for my sister and I'm pretty sure she'd adore this game (even if it is in Japanese) - but obviously, if it is heavily text based then she won't be able to play it XD

Just wondering if it is possible for it to be played without any knowledge of the Japanese language? Or otherwise, is there an English walkthrough or something similar I could download?

Thank you very much for taking the time out to read :)
Any information or help will be greatly appreciated!

~ Fish ♥