November 13th, 2007

Sayonara Gurren Lagann

Hey all,

I just joined just to post this! I've been waiting and watching at niconico for weeks, waiting for this guy (Girl?) to finish their Zetsubou Sensei op parody with Gurren Lagann, and yesterday they did! Someone put it on Youtube before me, but here it is!

Here's an upload of the .flv file:

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Another *boggling* question!

Hi! I'm back again and last time I questioned "where did Kamina's tattoo came from?"
Alot of the answers were quite interesting XD, really I'm not kidding.
Like the "Kamina is THAT awesome that he was born with it." answer.
XD I couldn't stop laughing at that answer for a whole minute. 
You guys come up with the most hilarious answers even i wouldn't think of! XD b
Although~ I do believe in more about the Tribal tatoo, XD;;; I found that to be more logical than being born with it.
But hey nothing is confirmed officially, am I right?

Now then! I'm back with another one;


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last year's wishes.
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