November 29th, 2007


Radio Show Transcript/Translation/Summary...thingy

I saw people on various Japanese sites talking about this, so I decided to check out episode 37 of the Gurren Lagann Radio show. This episode had Kazuki Nakajima as a guest, which explains why everyone was talking out about it so much.

Anyway, on a whim, I decided to transcribe/translate/summarize what I consider the most interesting parts. I'm obviously not writing every word of what they're saying because they all talk really fast, keep talking over each other, etc. But I tried getting the important parts of the conversations.

If anyone wants to listen for themselves, here's a download. The part I'm transcribing/translating/summarizing starts at 15:25 and ends around 31 minutes in.

Collapse )

Fzghiuaxzg, now I'm listening to episode 38, which has Nia's VA and Nakajima as guests, and Fukui-san is so adorable. ♥