November 30th, 2007

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[Fanfiction] "Starlight" (Yoko/Kittan)

Hello all you happy people.

I come to you with fanfiction! It's my first Gurren Lagann fanfic, so, uh, be gentle or something.

I do love the Yoko/Kittan dynamic, I'm just frustrated because as we all know, the timing for them sort of doesn't work. :P So this was me doing my best with what I had! Obviously it's not overtly romantic, but it was definitely written with the pairing in mind.


Title: Starlight
Author: cftf
Rating: PG

( Hey look it's a fake cut to the ficjournal. )

Hope you enjoyed, and I always appreciate comments, positive or negative (though try to keep it constructive).

Be seeing you!
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Sup my TTGL peeps! There's a few spoilers in this so I'm going to put it in an LJ cut.

I've finally beated the game for TTGL and even though the story do follow the ending in some ways (seriously speaking), there are a few changes and differences in the game compare to the anime. So I'm not sure if the game can be consider canon.

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But before I bring in the pictures I just want to input the swags I've obtained in the game and just one sheer question for those who also bought the game.
I've pretty much need to run this game over a few more times because there are still weapons that still need to be obtain that including leveling up some of the weapons obtained through battling other Gunmen. I have about 80/145 parts obtained and I've obtained 12 Blue light armors, 2 Silver Heavy Armors, and finally 1 Orange Med armor. In related question, are there still more armor?

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Umm... can anyone confirm if this is real or not? I found out about it through 4chan, and the only place I've really seen ANYTHING about it was that link. Nothing on ADVs site(Would they even have it there?) or anything.

It's just.. so ugly.