February 4th, 2009

  • dingus


It's me again. I know this community's getting a lot of merchandise ads lately, but this one's for a good cause (helping me not get evicted.)

Right now I'm selling all of my doujinshi for $15:

(Ebay may not have updated the prices yet, you can just paypal me directly for them at poe@wordweave.net )

That INCLUDES shipping.

I have the same deal ($15 flat) for some figumates, too:
Timeskip Simon
Timeskip Nia
Timeskip Gimmy

all still in the package and whatnot.

I havea few more doujinshi not listed up there for some dumb reason:Collapse )

I'd like to get rid of all of these asap since I was dumb and did not realize just LISTING stuff on ebay cost me money (I thought it was only when something sold, meh.)