February 8th, 2009

GL - break through


YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Thank you SO much to csakuras for bringing this to my attention.

Remember that project to send R1 DVDs to Kakihara Tetsuya??

Well, we didn't get a mention in his blog but we did on the latest Radio Gurren Lagann!!! =.DDDDD

At around 6:27, Kakihara asks Inoue if she's seen the American version of Gurren Lagann, to which she replied no. He said that he has and that it was sent to him by fans. =.DDDDDD Then they go on to discuss the English version a bit. (Sorry, I haven't listened to much of it cuz I skipped to around 6:27 and have repeated that part only like 3 times already, LoL.)

So YAY! Our DVDs reached him and he definitely did watch them and read our letters. =.DDDDDD THANK YOU to all who participated in the project!
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