February 11th, 2009

Kamina - GARCAKE


So a while back someone had linked me to an image of a KAMINA CUPCAKE. You heard me right (and for those who had never seen it, you can see it here. I HAVE NO CLUE WHO MADE IT BUT WHOEVER DID IS FULL OF WIN :|b

At any rate...I ICONNED IT. I was making a giant batch of Kamina icons for an RP journal and I was looking through the folder and this was basically my thought process: ...WHAT THE HELL LET'S DO IT.

So HERE. Have some omnomnom Kamina cupGARcake icons.

:|b ...You don't HAVE to credit. But if you do, just credit to laenavesse xD

And yes it's crossed my mind that it could be a muffin but it has icing so...who the hell would put icing on a muffin >w>;

Edit: I HAVE COME IN CONTACT WITH THE PERSON WHO MADE THE MUFFIN! Yes it's a muffin but...it's still awesome. And they said it was okay to continue distributing the icons. PLEASE CREDIT hyper_piggie FOR THE AWESOME MUFFIN. You don't have to credit me since I just made the icon, but so long as you credit her, that would be great.

You can visit the actual devArt page here! :D