March 10th, 2010

Once upon a time...

More info on the Parallel Works 2 DVD

This time from GAINAX's site.

Complete limited pressing will include:
-Bonus CD (has 5 tracks of new music)
-B5 size booklet
-Three-sided box (new illustration by Hiroyuki Imaishi)
-Seven newly drawn "Another Jacket" (new illustrations by each creator)


And the titles of each video:
Sushio: "Kittan Zero"
Akemi Hayashi: "The sense of Wonder"
Gekidan Inu Curry: "Ore no xxx ha uchuu hitotsu" (My xxx is best in the universe)
Shouko Nishigaki: "Sayonara Dai-Gurren" (Goodbye Dai-Gurren)
Ayumu Kotake & Shintarou Douge: "BIG BUILDING"
Satoshi Yamaguchi: "Kiyal no Magical Time, Sanpun Mae" (Kiyal's Magical Time, Three Minutes Before)
Shouji Saeki & Shingo Abe: "Gunmen Symphonia"

Omg does this mean Gekidan Inu Curry's video will use that track from the movie? I guess it makes sense since there's only 5 tracks of new music and seven videos, so maybe two of them will use old music. Also is that young Nia holding a butcher knife WTF?

EDIT: Parallel Works 2 official site is now UP!