July 6th, 2010


Anime Expo (Kamina cosplay)

Exhausted from Anime Expo, still, but here are some nice pics by Aimee. I didn't WIN the Kamina cosplay, but I did come in 2d place out of around 100 entries. Sorta flailed when I was on stage, super super nervous nervous. But I was hamming it up off stage with other finalists.

Again, this is the canonical character, including tattoos. We never quite did get the glasses right.

Here's me with the guest of honor, the actual voice-actor for the character of Kamina, both of us in costume. I must say he was a sport for spending lots of extra time with the contestants, getting pictures.

I hope to get lucky by seeing some others' pics of us!

Were any of you there at the contest? It was on Saturday between the screening of the first GL film and the second film, with a presentation by Mr. Konishi.

Kamina's glasses bleg

As I said in my last post here, We never quite did get the glasses right for my Kamina cosplay. How my wife tried!! Plexiglass perfectly colored and cut, but we couldn't get the temples and nose pieces to STAY ON.

Any suggestions? I've seen others do this and haven't worked up the courage to ask how they did.