July 13th, 2010


End of the radio show & official art

So the Gurren Lagann Radio show finally ended on July 3. Which wasn't a surprise, since they've long run out of things to talk about and most of the commercials were increasingly for other GAINAX shows instead of Gurren Lagann. But considering it ran for over two years, and began several months after the TV series was already over, I'd say it had a good run.

There wasn't anything remarkable about the final episodes aside from a laughable lack of budget and the producer Takeda-san reaffirming the "10 years" plan all the way to the end:

Collapse )

In short, as has been said before, the franchise is going into hibernation, but as long as GAINAX has the money to pull it off, they do intend on coming back to it again.

Also, for anyone who hasn't seen them already, there were two more Parallel Works images on the top page in the past weeks.

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And to pad out this post further, since they haven't been posted yet, here are the "Another Jacket" illustrations from Parallel Works 2 Limited Edition. (Scans aren't by me, and were found on 4chan.)

The sense of Wonder
Kittan Zero
Dai-Gurren, Goodbye
My xxx is best in the universe
Kiyal's Magical Time, Three Minutes Before
Gunmen Symphonia
we all live in a perma-quarantine

quick cosplay question

hoping someone knows this offhand or has screencaps, haha: I'm working on final battle leite cosplay for otakon, and finding full-body reference shots is IMPOSSIBLE. does anyone know if the boots for anyone wearing those black/gold/red bodysuits are black or white? the one official shot I have is kind of murky.

thanks in advance!