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Blargh...a quicky Kamina/Yoko fic I typed up this morning while listening to the Spill Canvas (who are awesome, btw XD)

Title: Heels Over Head
Summary: Little girls love lace and fairy tales, but Yoko is no longer a little girl.

Sometimes it was painful, but Yoko cannot look back on Kamina with anything but unadulterated love. She likes to think back to the evening in front of the volcano, to Kamina’s arms around her like a wall, protection from every fear that had crossed her mind that day. She likes to think of his lips on hers, surprisingly soft, of the look in his eyes as she caught him in a surprise attack.
It has been a long time since that day, and Yoko—Yomako—feels like she can’t lose the facets of the personality that she wants to lose forever.

Kamina may be dead, but he lives on forever in their hearts, his Gurren Brigade, his friends and his once upon a time lover. Yoko tells stories of his bravery to her class, of courage and great deeds, and how none of them should ever attempt anything close to what that (stupid, courageous, brave, foolish) hero did. Yet the kids would run outside and point their fingers to the heavens and yell and grin, and Yoko would sit in her classroom and try to pull back the waterfalls that threatened to tear past the dam she had put up since his death.

And Kittan came along to her again, to sweep her off her feet, and she thought she might just be fooling herself. They were similar after all, too similar, and she thought her type was going to leave her heartbroken; men who died too easily for their cause. And when she dreamed of her wedding, it was Kamina who appeared, and she kind of wished it was him in that suit beside her.
Still, as she stands before his grave, she touches the still standing red cloak and looks out on the clear sky above. It was his dream to make it here; and he did.

Yoko smiles as she puts her head to the sky and calls out to him, knowing someday they’ll meet again.

“Hey stupid. Stay put until I come home for you.”

She laughs as the wind picks up, rattling through her hair and his cloak, and she feels like she can keep moving as long as she knows what’s behind her—and what will someday lie ahead.
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