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Radio Gurren Lagann #55


Thank you again to csakuras as I forgot to check this week's radio.

They read my letter!!! X.DDDDDDDDDDDD
At 'round 7:00.

I just talked about the English dub a bit.

They didn't read all of what I wrote but the second half of my letter was more like personal commentary so ya. Not like I would want that to be read, haha. Anyway, here's basically what I said:

Hello Kakihara san, Inoue san.
My name is Mew, a fan supporting you from America.
This is my first time writing a mail.

I listened to Radio Gurren Lagann #54. I was in charge of organizing the American verison DVD project last year. I'm happy that it seems to have reached you.

Well now, about the English version. Yuri Lowenthal does the voice of Simon. Of course he did adult Simon's voice too.
[[They were wondering in #54 if the same person did both kid Simon and adult Simon.]] I was used to Kakihara san's Simon so it took me a while to get used to Yuri but I think he improved as Simon in the second half of the series. If you compare his "Giga Drill Break" at the first half of the series with the second half, the one in the second half was much cooler. I thought Yoko's voice was also a very good match. Out of the entire English version, Yoko's voice probably matched the best.

Kacky's "Welcome~" was really cute. His "ara maa"s when he was surprised were cute too. Inoue had a hard time pronouncing "Lowenthal" and showed it to Kacky. He said that it's probably a German name and you would pronounce it like "this" and Inoue was all, "Okay, I can't say that." X.D Apparently "Lowenthal" means "valley of lions" in German and they thought it was cool. At the end where I said Yoko's voice was probably the best in the dub, Inoue said she wanted to hear it. Kacky should let her borrow the DVDs! X.D I didn't make out exactly what the other guy was saying afterwards but he was talking about GL in other languages and stuff.

YAY! This is the first time I've ever had a mail of mine read on air. X.DDD
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