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Jo S. Kirkpatrick

Utopia: A New AU Multifandom RP

Mankind is at war--and losing ground--against an enemy no one can see. Many diseases that were once treated by antibiotics now run rampant due to increased drug resistance. To try and save humanity from a worldwide pandemic, a hospital has been secretly opened on a remote island. The world's top doctors are developing radical new drugs to fight these resistant diseases. But altruism isn't the only stimulus for the project. The hospital isn't just developing new antibiotics, and not all of its patients are there of their own free will...

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Code thanks to ReversesCollide

In this futuristic, alternate universe multifandom RP, life revolves around Utopia, a remote, secret island where a state-of-the-art medical facility has been built. Here, the top medical scientists and doctors work to find cures to a wide range of diseases, mutations, conditions, and other "problems" that make some people undesirable, even dangerous, to normal society. In the heavenly picturesque landscape of Utopia, there is hope for a cure to whatever ails you... whether you want it or not.

Once patients have been given a thorough physical examination and are equipped with a tracking anklet, they are allowed to freely move about the island, have jobs, go to school and visit the small town where there are shops, restaurants and even a movie theater to comfort the nerves of the island’s residents. For the more adventurous personalities, there are deep forests, tall mountains and ancient ruins hidden throughout the island to explore. Just don’t do anything the observers would frown upon (such as trying to escape) as there are rumors of a shadow of night who brutally kills all who misbehave. Other strange occurrences have been known to happen as well, such as the revival of the dead.

Can you find peace in a place you can’t leave, even if it is a paradise?</center>

I'm a huge fan of the TTGL series and we'd love to have those characters come alive in our new RP. Please check us out, and feel free to contact me if you're interested.
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