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Ethena, A Multifandom Roleplay

A role play that brings all fandoms together and welcomes original characters.

The Real Afterlife

Welcome to Ethena as it is the new life after death. Anyone that had been perished in their original world were reincarnated into a new being, unfortunately, the memories before their deaths still remain inside of their minds, their bodies are still the ones that they had died with, and their souls are still very fragile. In which case, they can still die again and erase their existence completely from both worlds.

But, there is a problem. Since, Ethena is suppose to be a world for the dead. It has now been a world for the living also. There is something that is out of order and something is changing how the living in Ethena is suppose to be. Slightly throwing the cycle off balance, there had been few who are alive and they are alive by being brought here by a hole in the sky. They call it the "Gap," because it is like a line between the living and the dead.

There would be some that would be brought here accidentally and some that had been brought here after their said death. Now, things would get interesting. How would this country work its way to figure out this gap? And is there another country involved with this matter?


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