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OTOKO DO-AHOU! GURREN LAGANN Drama CD Translation (Pt. 1)

HERE is a translation of the drama CD that came with the Gurren-hen limited edition DVD. So far I've only translated the first five tracks, but I'll try to get the rest done sometime soon. (I also went back and fixed some things in my translation of the first drama CD for accuracy and consistency.)

Anyway, here's a download of the CD.
(Many thanks to Lolfang from /m/ for ripping it!)

I should also note that since the titles of the drama CDs all start with "otoko," they're now officially being called the "Otoko series."

Annnd some fun things courtesy of Japanese fandom:
Fanart of Track 3
Animation of Track 4

Enjoy~ :D

Track 1

Kamina: My name is Kamino Kamina. I'm in my second year of high school at Dai-Gurren Academy. What? The setting is different from the anime? Heh! Don't worry about the little details! Just assume that's how it is here! I, the world's greatest roughneck, through a strange set of circumstances ended up piloting the giant Gunmen "Gurren" to protect the peace of Japan. The enemy, which aims to conquer Japan, is known as the Teppelin Foundation!
Simon: Aniki! What are you doing mumbling to yourself? We're in the middle of a battle!
Kamina: The one who spoke just now is Hotta Simon. He's my little bro, a Junior High student attending the same Dai-Gurren Academy. Usually he's a handy drill-loving Junior, but when he gets on the mini Gunmen "Lagann," he becomes a reliable partner! My Gurren and Simon's Lagann; when the two Gunmen combine, the manliest mecha among men, Gurren-Lagann, is born!
Simon: Uaaaaah!
Nia: Gurren-Lagann is in danger! Academy-shaped Super Mobile Fortress Dai-Gurren, launch! Kamina-san. Simon. I, Nia Teppelin, will protect Gurren-Lagann!
Kamina: She's the board chairwoman of Dai-Gurren Academy, Nia Teppelin. But her real identity is daughter of the leader of the Teppelin Foundation. The Teppelin Foundation was planning on using giant human-shaped machines, Gunmen, to forcefully subdue Japan. Learning of that, she betrayed her father and ran away to Japan, where she commissioned my dad Professor Kamino and Simon's dad Professor Hotta to create the giant fortress Dai-Gurren and Gurren-Lagann to fight the enemy Gunmen. Just how rich is this little lady anyway? Guah!
Yoko: Hey, Kamina! What are you doing?! If Gurren-Lagann keeps hanging around there, Dai-Gurren can't fire its cannons!
Kamina: Dumbass! There are people who are listening to this for the first time! A man's gotta introduce himself properly!
Yoko: Do what you want then! Dai-Gurren, firing main armaments!
Kamina: The gutsy one there is Utsuwa Yoko. She's my childhood friend and classmate! Her hobby is joining every club out there. Right now her shooting skills are being counted on to take charge of the firing of Dai-Gurren's main cannons. She's a tomboy who gets scaaary when you make her mad!
Viral: Hahahahahahahahaha! You're too soft, Kamina! Do you think such attacks would work against the remodeled Hundred Enki Force? On the honor of Viral Sassoon's glorious hair, today I will finish you off at last! Go! EnkiDU-DU-DU!
Kamina: And! The one attacking us in a good mood is an executive of the Teppelin Foundation, Viral Sassoon! He's the rather fashionable guy with Sanpaku eyes who worries over damaged hair! Having challenged Gurren-Lagann numerous times up to now and gotten his ass kicked each time, he's usually a guy who just never learns, but this time he's all fired up!
Viral: Hundred Enki Kick!
Kamina+Simon: *scream*
Yoko: Kamina!
Nia: Simon!
Kamina: Dammit, he's having it all his way!
Simon: There are just too many enemies, Aniki!
Kamina: Don't complain, Simon! In a fight, the one who laughs at the end wins! Even if a hundred of them were to come at us, a punch that has no soul in it won't work!
Leeron: Hiii Kamina~ It seems you're right.
Kamina: Leeron?
Leeron: Since Kamina is in trouble, I'll just go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Leeron. I also have a silly name called Rino Ronta, but just ignore that. Usually I'm a physics teacher, but my real identity is a warrior of justice who fights the Teppelin Foundation with Chairwoman Nia! As the section leader of Dai-Gurren's technology, doing anything from developing new weapons to analyzing the enemy, I'm a SUPER HOMO composed of love, beauty, and intelligence! Nice to meet you!
Kamina: That's a long introduction! So, what is it?
Leeron: There may be a hundred Enki's, but he's only controlling one of them. The remaining ninety-nine are just mimicking the leader.
Viral: To think that you would figure out the secret behind my Hundred Enki Force so easily! But it won't be so easy to distinguish who the leader is among a hundred Enki's!
Leeron: The red Enkidu crossing its hundred arms in the very back, that's the leader!
Kamina: It's completely obvious.
Viral: GAAAAAAAAH! To think that my modest self-assertions would betray me! This is the greatest blunder of my LIFE!
Kamina: Okay, Simon! You'll lay the finishing blow!
Simon: Eh?
Kamina: Eat this! Cannonball Attack Right #1, so named Mirage-Maker!
Yoko: He pulled out Lagann and threw it!
Nia: It's a deadly fastball!
Leeron: And on top of that it's multiplying!
Kamina: Heh! Did you see that? Gurren-Lagann's new killing move! The afterimage of Lagann flying in zig-zags makes it look like its multiplying! Are you surprised, dumbass?!
Simon: It's shaking like crazy in here! I'm gonna be sick!
Viral: I can't distinguish which is the real one! And while I was saying that I got hit! I'll remember this, Kamina!

Kamina: Putting a man's life and guts on the line, we'll protect the peace of Japan!
Simon: Let's do this, brother, since we were born to do it! We'll dig right through the round Earth!
Kamina: Otoko Do-Ahou! Gurren Lagann!

Track 2

Dayakka: It seems life has become peaceful again, Chairwoman.
Nia: Oh, Daya-sensei.
Leeron: Why don't you just call him Dayakka?
Dayakka: That was my original name, Rino-sensei. I threw away my past when I left the Teppelin Foundation with Miss Nia. Now I'm a teacher at Dai-Gurren Academy, Daya Kaizou.
Nia: Without your cooperation, I wouldn't have been able to stand against my father's ambition to conquer Japan. I'm grateful.
Boota: Buyubyuu!
Nia: Ahaha, Boota! You were with me too, weren't you? My brave little pigmole!
Boota: Byubyu!
Nia: So what business is there for the two of you to come together?
Dayakka: Ah, there's a guest for you.
Nia: My, I wonder who it is.
Rossiu: Pleased to meet you. I'm the advisor for the Bachika High baseball club, Rossiu.
Nia: Baseball club?

Kamina: Here I go, Simo-tan!
Simon: Righto, An-san!
Attenborough: I'll hit it I'll hit it I'll hit it!
Kamina: *throws*
Attenborough: No way, I've been struck out...
Kamina: You're swinging it before the ball even comes, Atten!
Attenborough: Shut uuup! My Probability Alteration Missiles are two-in-one with both home runs and strikeouts! Dammit!
Simon: Aniki! Your balls are going straight through! You're in top shape!
Yoko: You're sure putting a lot of spirit into practicing baseball.
Kamina: Oh, Yoko!
Yoko: To think that you two would appear as a battery in the match against Bachika High. Did the Cannonball Attack from the last battle get you interested?
Simon: There's that too, but that's not the only reason Aniki is fired up.
Kamina: Listen to these messages.
Yoko: A cell phone? Kamina's?
Cell phone: Currently there are 158 messages.
Kittan: Hey, Kamina? It's your eternal rival, Kurono Kittan of Bachika High! Turns out I'm gonna be in the next match too. I'll course, I'll be the pitcher. We'll settle who's the strongest this time for sure! Remember that! *beep* Hey, Kamina? It's the prodigy Kittan-sama, who can throw a 40 kilometer fastball, and learned a forkball on top of that! I can already imagine you shaking in your shoes in the next match! Look forward to it! *beep* It's Kittan! The batting master! Your wimpy balls won't-- *beep* Yo, Kamina! I'm eating a Yoshinoya beef bowl right now! And of course, it's extra large with extra onions! Man, this is tasty! *beep*
Kamina: All 158 messages are from Kittan.
Yoko: It's more like he's stalking you now...
Kamina: There are text messages too, want to see?
Yoko: No, no thank you.
Simon: He must be really happy that he'll get to fight you!
Kamina: It's a big nuisance for me. That moron's all in a good mood. I won't be able to contain my anger unless I beat him with a shutout and make him cool down. Ahh, getting pissed off made me hungry! All right, I'll go eat ramen! Let's go, Simo-tan!
Simon: Righto, An-san!
Yoko: Why Kansai-ben...?

Track 3

Kamina: Old man! Gimme the usual large helping of roast pork ramen!
Kamina: (Wh-what's this strange tension? That bald guy sitting at the corner of the he the cause of this tension?)
Simon: That person seems really powerful. For one thing, he's only eating ramen, but for some reason he's half-naked...
Kamina: Yeah...he's bald, but his beard and chest hair are something fierce...
Lord Genome: Master, give me another large helping of roast pork ramen!
Kamina: (Just the way he orders another helping gives off such an unpleasant feeling...that bald guy is no ordinary man.)
Simon: Aniki, look! All those bowls...he's already eaten 13 helpings!
Kamina: What?! The record for eating the most in this shop is my 15 bowls of roast pork ramen! And I nearly died from eating all that!
Lord Genome: Nearly died, you say? From just this much?
Kamina: What?!
Lord Genome: It seems this Kamina isn't much after all.
Kamina: Wha?! Why do you know my name?!
Lord Genome: It's on the wall.
Kamina: It's true that my photo and name are posted on the wall from when I became the eating champion...but to be able to discern that in one glance...this guy is no ordinary man after all!
Simon: No, normally anyone would see that.
Kamina: I see! So this is a challenge aimed at me! Interesting! I'll take it on! Old man! Make me twenty helpings of roast pork ramen all at once!
Simon: A-Aniki! That's crazy!
Kamina: Dumbass! There are times when a man's gotta do something even knowing it's crazy!
Lord Genome: Oh? What an interesting thing to say, young man. Then I will defeat you with all my might! Old man! Give me an additional ten helpings of roast pork ramen!
Kamina: Interesting! Then I'll have another ten helpings too!
Simon: What is this...the force with which they eat the ramen...the chopsticks are moving so fast I can't see's being eaten in no time at all...30 helpings...35 helpings...40 helpings! Amazing...amazing, Aniki! Amazing, bald-bearded-chest-hair guy! To think that humans could eat ramen so quickly... Somehow, I' moved...!
Kamina: Fifty-three helpings...eaten.
Lord Genome: Seems this is as far as I can go today. That was good, master!
Simon: That bald guy's bowls...49...50...51...52 helpings! He's only eaten 52 helpings! You won, Aniki!
Lord Genome: There seems to be an interesting man here in Japan as well. Here's a present. I'll remember you, Kamina! *evil laughter*
Simon: You did it! To be able to beat that bald guy...that's Aniki for you!
Kamina:'s my loss.
Simon: Eh?
Kamina: Simon...take a look at what he left behind...
Simon: This is uncooked noodles for ramen...but it's really heavy...
Kamina: It's the legendary double noodles...a special kind of noodle that's double the weight of normal noodles...he ate 52 helpings of that...and on top of that, he didn't pay for it...he openly did an eat-and-run...
Simon: N-now that you mention it...
Kamina: Because of his power, the shop owner hasn't realized it either...I couldn't do something like that...just who was that bald guy...

Track 4

Viral: At long last, the game is tomorrow.
Rossiu: Yes, that's right. It's just as I planned, Viral.
Viral: To think that Rossiu Dekoi of the Teppelin Foundation's Japan Subjugation Project Team would be able to get away with disguising himself as an advisor for a Japanese high school's baseball club. You amaze me.
Rossiu: Well, unlike you, my face hasn't been exposed yet. People are better off not asserting themselves too much.
Viral: I'll lend an ear to your superficially polite tone today, Ro-ssi-u.
Rossiu: Don't hit my forehead.
Viral: And now a short word for people who aren't familiar with the TV series and have only seen Gurren-hen! There may be some of you who are confused because Rossiu's character is completely different from how he is in Gurren-hen, but he will become this sort of nasty character in Lagann-hen, so have no worry! Right, Ro-ssi-u?
Rossiu: Don't hit my forehead while giving unneeded explanations! And it's fine to be worried about others, but we should worry for our own necks too.
Viral: Oh? Why?
Rossiu: That person might have come to Japan.
Viral: That person? ...Do you mean our leader himself has come personally?!
Rossiu: I got a top secret message from his secretary. It seems he's been missing since three days ago.
Viral: In that case, we can't be loitering around. We have to defeat Gurren-Lagann as soon as possible!
Rossiu: That's what this plan is for. Everything happens tomorrow. We'll settle things then!
Rossiu+Viral: *evil laughter*

Track 5:

Attenborough: *happy baseball song*
Leeron: Go and do your best, Atten! If you do, I might boost your Physics grade!
Attenborough: Leave it to me, Leeron-sensei!
Rossiu: Daya-sensei. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.
Dayakka: Ah, Rossiu-sensei. I'll be the umpire today, so I look forward to working with you.
Rossiu: Please go easy on us.
Nia: We've been waiting, everyone from Bachika Highschool.
Rossiu: Why if it isn't Chairwoman Nia.
Nia: What a wonderful blue sky! I'm sure it will be a good match!
Leeron: But there sure are a lot of students with a menacing look to them...
Boota: Biu biu!
Leeron: Boota, you think so too?
Boota: Buyu!
Rossiu: Ah, it's true there are some rough players among our students, so I would like for them to learn some of Dai-Gurren Academy's manners today.
Nia: Eh?
Rossiu: Is there something wrong?
Nia: Learn manners...learn manners... Rossiu-sensei, that's a pun, isn't it!
Rossiu: No. I didn't intend that.
Nia: That's Rossiu-sensei for you! It's very funny! You have an outstanding sense of humor!
Rossiu: It's a coincidence. I had absolutely no intention of doing that.
Rossiu: Eh?
Nia: Your face...
Rossiu: Have you noticed something...?
Nia: It's very bright somehow! Your face is sparkling!
Rossiu: My forehead, is it?! You want to say my forehead is shining?!
Dayakka: Now now, she didn't mean to be rude. That's just her personality.
Rossiu: (No...what's the use of getting distracted myself? Everything is for today's victory. You must tolerate it, Rossiu Dekoi. Don't lose your senses.)
Boota: Biu biu biu, biu biu biu!
Rossiu: I said not to hit my forehead...and this time it's by an animal that I can't tell whether it's a pig or a mole!!
Nia: I'm sorry! Boota just loves shiny things!
Boota: Buhii!
Rossiu: You lose if you become angry...Rossiu Dekoi...
Kamina: Yo, Kittan! It's been a while.
Kittan: Easy-going bastard...
Kamina: Well, let's play a fair game.
Kittan: I'll fucking kill you.
Kamina: What's with that guy?
Simon: He seems really different from just the other day. He had kind of a brooding expression...
Yoko: I have a bad feeling...
Kamina: Well, don't worry! He's a fickle guy, that Kittan...

Attenborough: Nyooooo! Eat this! Probability Alteration Missiles!
Dayakka: Strike! Batter is out!
Attenborough; Can't do it...I can't see the ball at all... That pitcher is crazy fast.
Kamina: Heh, you're sure putting a lot of spirit in it, Kittan.
Simon: Bro, be careful. The look in his eyes is different than usual...
Kamina: Yeah, he does look strangely bloodthirsty.
Simon: I wonder if something happened?
Kamina: To Kittan, you mean?
Kittan: Kamina. Sorry, but today I have no time to play around. I'll finish it at once!
Kamina: Good! Come!
Kittan: Eat this!
Yoko: Kamina, look out!
Dayakka: B-ball!
Simon: Thank god, he just barely dodged it.
Kittan: Sorry, Kamina! It just slipped out of my hand.
Rossiu: (Good, Kittan. Just keep that up. Be sure to finish it next. You know what will happen to your cute little sisters if you don't defeat Kamina...)
Kiyal: Let us out, stupid! Dammit!
Kiyoh: Be quiet, Kiyal.
Kiyal: Kiyoh-nee-chan... You're sure acting calm.
Kinon: If they were going to let us out just because we asked them to, they wouldn't trap us in here in the first place, would they?
Kiyal: Jeez, Kinon-nee-chan too...
Kiyoh: This is probably the Ginbu-kai's building.
Kinon: By Ginbu-kai, you mean those yakuza?
Kiyal: If I remember right, they were working as the Teppelin Foundation's minions.
Kiyoh: Mm. I remember those two big guys who captured us.
Kinon: Ah...they called themselves Jougan and Barinbou, didn't they?
Kiyal: Just what the hell are they planning?
Twins: Hey, be quiet in there! If you don't be quiet, we turn you into hamburger and eat you! Hamburger is...yummy, huh? Yummy!
Guinble: What are the two of you doing drooling in front of the door?
Twins: Ah, Ginbu-san!
Guinble: Understand? These are orders from Rossiu-san. They're important hostages so we can defeat Gurren-Lagann. Be sure not to let them escape.
Twins: Got it, boss!

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