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[RP] Quo Vadis Academy, AU multi-fandom school setting


Quo Vadis is an AU, multi-fandom RP taking place in the current year, the current month, in an academy for high school through college students. It's not completely out-of-this-world; there are clubs to join, and school festivals every so often. It's a place for characters to live out their school days as if their original canon hadn't happened yet. This is a slice-of-life, romance, personal-discovery story where characters will come and meet new friends, try to find out who they are and what they're going to do in the future, and maybe fall in love, just like us! The setting is present-day Japan, and thus there will be no magic or superhuman powers; here, power is money and networking, just like in the real world! Instead of being threatened by an evil sorcerer trying to destroy the world, characters must overcome obstacles of a much more mundane nature. Should I tell my upperclassmen what I really think about her potential for becoming a ballet star? How do you juggle a schedule without breaking any promises? Should I follow my parents' dream for me, or my own?

Julian built this school so that the youth of the nation can be nurtured and find their true potential, and holds a fiery passion for them to advance and become the future of this world. Globe-trotting through his younger years, his well-mascara-ed eyes saw various things working and not working in the world, and came home to Japan with an unshakable resolve to contribute to society in more ways than he already was. He also had a flare for being The One Odd Billionaire, and couldn't stand for doing the same charity foundation building that Bill Gates and the rest always do (*yawn!*). Instead, he opted for a future solution, investing in the minds of the next generation. He's put millions into this school, and he's counting on you to study, party, study more, soul-search, and find what it is that you were put on this earth to do!

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We currently have one kick-ass (AND SUPER ACTIVE, holy cow) Kamina-sensei teaching high schoolers how to be awesome, and we'd love any more Gurren Lagann cast, fer srs.
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