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Various translations for Parallel Works 2

You know, someone should really fansub a few of these. But until that happens:

Translated lyrics for the song used in The sense of Wonder

Translated lyrics for the song used in Kiyal's Magical Time, Three Minutes Before

Translation of the text portions of Kiyal's Magical Time:

Kiyal: I'm tired from school. Mom, I'm hungry~ *stomach growl*
Kinon: We don't have a mom
Kiyoh: Though Big Brother is still around....
Darry: Kiyal-tan, hang in there. I don't have a mom either

Darry: Kiyal-tan, what are you doing?
Kiyal: I'm planting watermelon seeds

Translation of the dialogue in Dai-Gurren, Goodbye:

Does it look like they can win the war?
I'm going to make a snack now
You'll have some too, right?
I have tea too
There's everything here

I'd like some alcohol too, but I don't have anymore
I was lying before, there's really nothing here
Those are old memories
Old memories of an old world
This is a library
I know. I've known for quite a while now
That it will be over soon
*scratches himself* Fleas
It's okay, I can't complain
Besides, old memories
aren't needed by anyone anymore

Taking them out isn't allowed......
It's too bad, I can't go with you
But I'm glad I was able to meet you two in the end


Hopefully that makes things a little more clear? Though I don't think I'll be translating Gunmen Symphonia, too much of a pain. >_< So if anyone else wants to do that, feel free.
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