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Hi, newbie here-with a few offerings

 Late to the TTGL bandwagon is late. Then again, I've been late to each of my anime fandoms since I've started! (I hardly watch currently airing stuff xD)

To make a long story short(and my night of personal report was HELLA long)-Anime Expo 2010 converted me to Gurren Lagann. To be honest, I at first thought it was rather over hyped and not deserving. But all the fan enthusiasm at the movies, plus meeting Konishi-san(ANIKI) and seeing his love of this wonderful anime made it so that I was onboard right after. RL Aniki inspired me just like Kamina inspires Simon <3 < /cheese> I just finished today!(so I thought it was safe to join/no spoiler potential anymore).

I read that intro posts must include offerings, so please go to these links at my LJ to read a report on Konishi-san's panel/the TTGL event, plus a few pics from the seiyuu events I attended. (Morita Masakazu-san and of course, Aniki's)

ETA: the pictures are generally of horrid quality, apologies D:

Tags: cosplay, event, introductory

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