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[The World]

The World is the first massively multiplayer online RPG since Pluto's Kiss and has been developed for the ALTIMIT OS. With over 100,000 preorders being taken in November of 2007, on the first day of release 4,576,623 copies of the game were sold. The World was created by the genius programmer Harald Hoerwick under the name Fragment, Fragment was released as a limited beta approximately nine months prior to the release. The beta was stopped early for unknown reasons and The World was released shortly afterwards.

Welcome to [The World]

.Hack//ECHO is a multi-fandom Role Playing Site based on the .hack// anime series. Feel free to come inside and join in on the fun! Players launch themselves into a interactive virtual world where you can see, hear, smell and feel everything that goes on around you. Come make your own story, and follow your own plot you develop along with the rest of the community. This is your story, so grab ahold of it by the horns and hold on tight! Anything is possible in //ECHO so long as you can think it!
Useful Links and Information

.Hack//ECHO forum . Official Walkthrough . Staff . Data Storage . Plug Board

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