m. (patrengkee) wrote in gurren_lagann,

Kiyal's Magical Time screenshots?

Yo everybody, I've been on this community for a while and have seen that people know about the Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2. I am in need of your help!^^ Does anybody know where I can find or download screenshots of Kiyal's Magical Time: 3 Minutes Before?

I am a newbie cosplayer and have only cosplayed twice as Sango from InuYasha. I'd love to cosplay as another character but I have no idea who, and after a few weeks of browsing the characters I liked, I picked Darry. But not the the ordinary Darry, the Kiyal's Magical Time one... the super-cool mecha master Darry! But unfortunately I can't find any good screenshots of Darry in Kiyal's Magical Time. Does anyone have screenshots/pictures? I'd really appreciate it if you can help me.

Thanks very much! :3

Tags: parallel works, screencaps

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