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OTOKO-GUMI DAYO! GURREN LAGANN! Drama CD Translation (Pt. 1)

Oh hey, after almost a year, I've finally finished translating half of this drama CD! YAY ME!

If anyone remembers, this is the drama CD that came with the limited edition of the Lagann-hen DVD (which you can find a download of over here).

Here are also links to the two previous drama CDs:

I highly recommend listening to it as you read the translation, because the voice acting is really half the fun. :D Enjoy!

Track 1:

Lord Genome: *evil laughter* My name is Lord Genome! I am the leader of the Teppelin Foundation. For you youngsters listening to this drama CD, I'll give you one word of advice. This is a sequel to the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann the Movie: Gurren-hen Limited Edition Bonus Drama CD, "Otoko Do-Ahou! Gurren Lagann!" If you listen to that first, you will see how I, Lord Genome Teppelin, played that young man named Kamina for a fool. Of course, it is up to you how you decide to listen to it. You may listen only to this drama CD as well. You may also try listening to this first and then listen to the first part afterwards. Or rather, you may not listen to it at all and simply play it by your window to scare off crows. You are free to choose what you think is best. At any rate, this is the final battle. The Teppelin Foundation's day of victory is near! *evil laughter*
Kamina: Shut up, you old bald-bearded-chest-hair-man! As long as Kamina-sama is around, things won't go as planned so easily for you! Hey! My name is Kamino Kamina, the world's greatest roughneck. Piloting the giant Gunmen "Gurren" left to me by my dad, I fight against the Teppelin Foundation, which aims to conquer Japan!
Simon: I'm Hotta Simon. I'm in my second year of Junior High attending Dai-Gurren Academy. Usually I'm pretty timid, but when I'm in Lagann, I have the strength of a hundred men! To protect Chairwoman Nia, I combine with my Aniki Kamina's Gurren, and fight evil with Gurren-Lagann!
Yoko: I'm Utsuwa Yoko, Kamina's childhood friend. I'm just a normal female high school student who likes to run clubs as a hobby, but before I knew it, I got dragged into fighting along with Kamina. The enemy's attacks are getting increasingly fierce, but I'm sure it'll turn out all right. I'll do my best to get back our peaceful school life!
Nia: Everyone, thank you for introducing yourselves. Hail fellow well met! This is Dai-Gurren Academy's Board Chairwoman, Nia Teppelin! Now that my father Lord Genome has appeared, the battle has finally reached its last stages. Though I'm sure hard days lie ahead, I hope you will guide me in my efforts to lead you, and I look forward to working with you!
Kamina: Leave it to us! This is the final drama CD! Unless we end things here, it would be inexcusable for our listening audience!

Kamina: Drama CD Otoko Series Concluding Chapter: Otoko-gumi Dayo! Gurren Lagann!
Kamina+Simon+Yoko+Nia: Who the hell do you think we are?!

Track 2:

Simon: Whoa! That car was sure being dangerous. Uwah! A steel frame fell from above...because there's building construction? It's a good thing it didn't hit me, but that's sure dangerous... Uaaaaah! That was dangerous. But for a telephone pole to fall down like that...could this really be a coincidence?

Yoko: What's wrong, Kamina?
Kamina: Oh, Yoko! It's terrible! The yakisoba bread at this stand is ALL SOLD OUT!
Yoko: No way!
Kamina: My yakisoba bread...! Why is it sold out...?!
Leite: If it's sold out, it's sold out. Just give it up.
Kamina: Leite-san, you're so cold!
Leite: I'm frustrated that it sold out so quickly too! "To sell things that are needed to the people needing them at the time that they're needed"...that used to be the motto of I, Leite, shopkeeper of Dai-Gurren Academy's bread stand. Think you miscalculated how much we should stock, Yoko?
Yoko: That's estimates based on the sales records have never been off before.
Kamina: You're doing that?
Yoko: That's right. I'm Utsuwa Yoko, head of Dai-Gurren Academy's Purchasing Department. My estimates never miss! From stocking to sales, I thoroughly manage all of our goods.
Kamina: Yoko...that's not the kind of work you do in a club.
Yoko: Leite-san, did someone come buy them all at once?
Leite: Well the thing is, I let him tend the store for just a bit while I went to buy cigarettes.
Attenborough: Hmm? You mean me?
Kamina+Yoko: Atten?!
Leite: And the stock just happened to decrease all at once in that time. So I don't know what kind of customer was here.
Attenborough: Sorry Kamina, I was so busy carrying yakisoba bread, I don't remember the customer's face much.
Kamina: If it's you, I believe it...
Simon: Hey, Aniki?
Kamina: Oh, Simon? I'm in trouble.
Simon: Huh? You too?
Kamina: Yeah. My yakisoba bread is sold out.
Simon: ...Th-that's all?
Kamina: It's not 'that's all'!!! A man can't eat what he wants for lunch! This is a BIG problem!
Simon: Uh...but, I...
Yoko: Maybe this is a scheme by some evil group of speculators?
Kamina: What?!
Simon: Hey, Aniki...
Kamina: Speculators, you say?! So even yakisoba bread isn't safe...
Yoko: We are in a recession. This is the 21st century. The economy is breaking into a new stage.
Kamina: Scary times we live in...
Yoko: At this rate, Japan's yakisoba bread market might collapse!
Simon: There's a market for that?
Kamina: ! Could this be...a plot by the Teppelin Foundation?!
Yoko: It's highly likely.
Simon: Doesn't sound likely to me.
Yoko: We can't leave things like this. Kamina, let's investigate!
Kamina: Leave it to me! I'll get back my yakisoba bread no matter what!
Simon: Guys, let's just calm down...
Kamina: Idiot! You think I can stay calm? Japan's in crisis!
Simon: I think it's your heads that are in crisis... It's just yakisoba bread, right? I don't think that reaches the level of a plot.
Kamina: Dumbass! Why can't you see how serious this is?!
Yoko: It's the Purchasing Department Head's mission to protect the balance between value and quality at the bread stand. Kamina, let's go!
Kamina: Yeah! It's a yakisoba bread recovery operation! So, if you've got something to say, I'll hear it later! Let's go, buddy!
Simon: A-ah, wait a minute! Ah... Jeez, they never listen to what I have to say.
Kuro Nia: Simon-kun, you poor thing.
Simon: Chairwoman?
Kuro Nia: You're certainly right. No matter how much you pilot Lagann, no matter how much you adore Kamina as your Aniki, you are always just good-for-nothing miso lees.
Simon: Miso lees...?
Kuro Nia: But you know, even the dregs sunk at the bottom of miso soup has its own worth. Once you get used to it, even those lees muttering away at the bottom of the bowl has its own flavor.
Simon: I can't tell if you're complementing or insulting me...
Kuro Nia: I am complementing you from the bottom of my heart! Just like one would savor the taste of the grains left at the bottom of a bowl by crushing them one-by-one with the tip of one's tongue...
Simon: I-I don't think I get what you're saying, Chairwoman...
Kuro Nia: Say, Simon-kun. I have something important to tell you. Would you please come over here?
Simon: Eh, but, I have afternoon classes...
Kuro Nia: It's very important. It greatly concerns the course our battle will take.
Simon: The battle?
Kuro Nia: I can only tell this to you, Simon-kun.
Kuro Nia: Yes. Only you.
Simon: ...I understand. Let's go.
Kuro Nia: Thank goodness. Now, this way...
Simon: Uwah!
Kuro Nia: Is something the matter?
Simon: W-well, I mean, Chairwoman, for us to be linking arms...
Kuro Nia: Do you dislike it?
Simon: I don't! I don't dislike it at all!
Kuro Nia: Thank goodness... Now, this way, Simon-kun...
Simon: O-okay...!

Track 3:

Kiyoh: Here, Dayakka-sensei, open wide!
Dayakka: Kiyoh-kun, there are people watching...
Kiyoh: But I bought a whole lot of your favorite yakisoba bread! Here, open wiiide~!
Dayakka: Eh, ah, wait...not the whole thing... *gulp* Mmm, yummy ♥
Kiyoh: Oh, good! There's still a lot more! Eat up!
Kittan: Goddammit, that Kiyoh, she's all over him! I can't watch this!
Kiyal: Then why don't you just stop watching?
Kinon: That's right, peeping from the shadow of a school building like this is just crass!
Kittan: Kiyal, Kinon, just shut up! Your big brother's got his own opinions!
Kamina: Except those 'opinions' are probably just "big brother's frustrated that his sister's been taken away by another man!"
Kittan: What'd you say you-- wait, Kamina?! When did you get here?! You're a shady guy.
Kamina: Aren't you the one who's shady, snooping around at someone else's school?
Yoko: Really! And Kiyal, Kinon, and Kiyoh too! Aren't you students at Bachika High?
Kittan: Nah, now we're students at Dai-Gurren Academy! We transferred in today!
Kamina: Transferred?!
Kittan: Don't misunderstand. It's not like we wanted to. Our school is gone, so we had no choice but to come to your school.
Kinon: Bachika High was bought off, and the school building was demolished.
Yoko: Why?
Kiyal: We don't know much, but rumor says someone's buying up all the land over there.
Kittan: Besides that, about Kiyoh! It's all your fault, Kamina!
Kamina: My fault?
Kittan: Yeah, that's right! Didn't you go save my sisters the other day when they were captured by the Ginbu-kai?
Kamina: Yeah.
Kittan: Back then, during the baseball match, you pretended to get injured by letting yourself get hit by my ball on purpose and slipped away from Dai-Gurren Academy!
Kamina: Oh yeah.
Kittan: And whose car did you go in? It was that damn teacher named Daya or whatever, wasn't it?
Kamina: That's right! When I explained that I was going to raid the Ginbu-kai, Daya-sensei came with me, and he went in like a ferocious man beast!

Kamina: Kiyoh, Kinon, Kiyal! We're here to save you!
Kiyoh+Kinon+Kiyal: Kamina!
Jorgun+Balinbow: Who the hell are you guys?! Yeah, who the hell?!
Kamina: Shut up, you two big lumps of small fry!
Dayakka: Kamina, I'll help too!
Kamina: I'm countin' on ya, Daya-sensei!
Dayakka: I'll-never-forgive-you-for-taking-such-innocent-girls-hostage PUUUUNCH! If-you've-got-a-problem-with-that-then-come-to-the-staff-room SWIIIIIING! Are you girls okay?!
Kiyoh: Yes...thank you. Um, may I ask your name?
Dayakka: *ahem* Daya Kaizou. I'm a teacher at Dai-Gurren Academy.
Kiyoh: Daya...Kaizou-san. May I call you 'Dayakka'?!
Dayakka: Yes.
Kiyoh: Sensei, I've carved your name upon my breast, upon my two quite large breasts!
Kiyal: Oh man, big sister's on fire!
Kinon: This is a pattern we just can't stop.
Kiyoh: I'm Kurono Kiyoh! Please, don't forget my name either. No, I'll make sure you won't forget! I swear on the reputation of the Kurono Sisters!
Kiyal: Hey hey, we don't got anything to do with it!
Kinon: going to make big brother cry.

Kittan: *sob* M-m-m-my adorable little s-sister's gone off with a guy who has such a weird mug that you can't even tell whether he's smiling or worried...dammiiiiit! Kamina, what have you done?!
Kamina: It ain't my fault.
Kittan: What?
Kamina: You're the one who asked me to save them.
Kittan: ...Shut up, shut up! Whatever, this is still a disaster! I'll settle this with my fists!
Kamina: Well, Yoko? How much yakisoba bread does Kiyoh have?
Kittan: Listen to me!
Yoko: Check complete. Kiyoh has 13 rolls of yakisoba bread. It's too much to eat for one person, but it doesn't compare to the amount we had in stock.
Kamina: In other words, the culprit is someone else!
Yoko: Yup. Let's split up and question people!
Kamina: Got it!
Kittan: Whoa, hey, wait! Don't ignore me! ...Dammit. Even if we're in the same school, I'm still your rival! Remember that, Kamina!

Nia: Hail fellow well met, Leite-san! I'd like some yakisoba bread please.
Leite: It's sold out, Chairwoman.
Nia: EHHHH~? ;_;
Leite: You don't have to be so surprised. What's sold out is sold out.
Nia: I see...
Leite: That's right.
Boota: Buiyuu!
Nia: See, Boota is disappointed too.
Leite: I understand how you feel. Once in a while, you really do get the craving to eat yakisoba bread.
Nia: Not only once in a while! VERY OFTEN. I'm glad I came to Japan if only for the fact that I discovered yakisoba bread! I want to protect the Japan that has yakisoba bread!
Boota: Buiyu!
Nia: I want to protect the Japan that has yakisoba bread!
Boota: Buiyu!
Leite: Even if you say it two times, what's sold out is sold out.
Nia: Ehhhhhhh~? ;_;
Leeron: Oh, this is where you were, Chairwoman?
Nia: Leeron-sensei!
Leeron: Would you come with me for a minute?

Nia: For you to call me out to behind the school building like this, it's almost as if you're going to confess your love! My heart is pounding!
Leeron: If possible, I'd rather do that with a wonderful man. But now, I want to talk about something else. It's about my investigation on who's buying up the land around here.
Nia: Yes?
Leeron: Twenty kilometers west from here, all of the land in a radius of five kilometers around Seion Avenue has been bought up. The residents have all been relocated. The buildings have all been demolished too, and right now the land is empty.
Nia: Could it be my father's doing?
Leeron: I can't say, but ever since Lazengann retreated, the Teppelin Foundation hasn't attacked us once. The next time they move, it will be the final battle.
Nia: I've prepared myself for that.
Leeron: Oh no, time for class! Well then, be careful, Nia!
Nia: Just what are you thinking, Father?
Boota: Buiyu!
Nia: What is it? What have you found, Boota?
Boota: Buiyu bubuibyu!
Nia: Huh? Why, that's...yakisoba bread! Oh my, and yakisoba bread over there too! Ah, and beyond that, yakisoba bread!
Boota: Buiyuuuuu!
Nia: Oh dear oh my, oh dear oh my! This is terrible! Over here and over there, more yakisoba bread!
Boota: Buiyuu buhibuhibuyuu!
Nia: I'll keep on picking them up and...oh? There's so much yakisoba bread in this box! Here...I...come! *SLAM* Huh? It's all dark! Let me out, let me ouuuut!!
Boota: Buiyuu buibuhibui (etc.)

Rossiu: To think she'd actually fall for that...
Viral: To be expected from a plan by her younger twin sister, Kuro Nia-sama. She's completely seen through Nia's behavioral patterns. Now let's get this in the car before anyone notices! Heave-ho!
Rossiu: Heave-ho.
Viral: Okay, let's pull out the car!
Rossiu: Hey, Viral.
Viral: What, Rossiu?
Rossiu: I'm the Teppelin Foundation's Japan Subjugation Project Team Leader, Rossiu Dekoi.
Viral: Yeah. And I'm the Teppelin Foundation's Japan Subjugation Project General Manager, Viral Sassoon.
Rossiu: Our titles are reputable enough, but is it just me, or are we stuck doing work usually left to the lowliest ranks?
Viral: You're right, we can't get in contact with the Ginbu-kai anymore, and Kuro Nia-sama is on a tight budget, so we just have to do this stuff ourselves, don't we?
Rossiu: Hey!
Viral: Hm?
Rossiu: What are you eating?
Viral: Ah, it's the yakisoba bread we bought up! There's some left over, and I don't want to waste it. You want some? It's pretty good!
Rossiu: Viral Sassoon! General Manager! Sanpakugan with the glorious hair! Have more pride in yourself! It's because you think so frugally that you get stuck with the lowest-rank jobs!
Viral: Quit yapping, Dekoi.
Rossiu: Don't call me by my surname.
Viral: Even Kuro Nia-sama is in this now. There's no use making a fuss.
Rossiu: So you're giving up?
Viral: No! Once a human's fallen to the lowest low, the only place left to go is up! You should try knowing what it's like to have blood running from both your nostrils! Then you'll understand the strength of a human who has once fallen into the abyss.
Rossiu: Viral...somehow, you're really shining today!
Viral: Don't be faint-hearted, Rossiu! You're always shining too, at least when the weather's good!
Viral: You're dazzling me, Ro-ssi-u!
Rossiu: Don't hit my forehead while driving!
Viral: My bad! Sorry about that, Ro-ssi-u!
Rossiu: I keep telling you! Don't hit my forehead while apologizing!
Attenborough: Nyonyooo?!
Rossiu: He jumped in front of us? Did we run him over?!
Viral: No, we managed to miss him.
Attenborough: N-nyooo...I thought I was gonna die.
Viral: Watch where you're going!
Rossiu: Don't bother with idiots. Let's go, Viral.
Attenborough: Jeez, those guys are rude. Hello? It's me, it's me! This isn't a scam, it's me, Atten!

Track 4:

Kamina: the end, we weren't able to find any clues. Now I'm hungry too, guess I'll eat some ramen. Old man, give me the usual!
Lord Genome: Old man, give me another helping of tanmen!
Kamina: You're...!
Lord Genome: Hmph, Kamina, is it?
Kamina: Lord Genome! What are you doing here?!
Lord Genome: I heard that this shop's specialty was tanmen, so I came to eat some. What's wrong with that?
Kamina: For a guy aiming to conquer Japan, you sure are shameless!
Lord Genome: I may be plotting to conquer Japan, but I also get hungry! Or rather, it makes me hungry! The bigger a man's ambition, the bigger his hunger! And thus, he eats! You measure your potential with your stomach!
Kamina: Tch...dammit, I hate that I feel like he's making a good point.
Lord Genome: Go on and hate it! After all, you are no match for the Teppelin Foundation!
Kamina: To hell with that! I have my partner Simon, and my friends at Dai-Gurren Academy! There's no way I'll surrender to Teppelin! It's only a matter of time before you'll find yourself in hot water!
Lord Genome: Hahahahaha, so you'll resist me to the end?
Kamina: That's right!
Lord Genome: That spirit of yours is running water.
Kamina: ...It's "as expected," Lord Genome.
Lord Genome: Oh?
Kamina: The kanji for "sasuga" is written like "running water" but it means "as expected"! Are you really the leader of the Teppelin Foundation?
Lord Genome: Don't compliment me so much!
Kamina: I ain't complimenting you!
Lord Genome: I'll be drinking my soup before I drink any hot water! Eat up! Your noodles will grow stale.
Kamina: *slurp* ...Delicious! I'd never have guessed that spices could be this effective! Is this black pepper?
Lord Genome: I see, so you're satisfied with this? THIS IS ENOUGH TO SATISFY YOU? *smash* IS THIS ALL YOU CAN EXPECT FROM TANMEN? The flavor is so weak, it's not worth eating...almost like you, Kamina.
Kamina: What?
Lord Genome: I don't intend to fight you here. After all, it seems my daughter is cooking up some very delicious meals for me.
Kamina: Your daughter? You mean Nia?
Lord Genome: Oh, her? Her cooking is intense as well, but no. To begin with, I don't consider someone who defies me to be my daughter!
Kamina: Then what do you mean?
Lord Genome: You'll find out soon! I look forward to seeing you stand before me again...if you can, that is! *evil laughter*
Kamina: Hey! My legs...they won't move! Are they being pressed down by his power? No...that's not it! My sandals are nailed to the floor! And hey, he didn't pay for his food again! That old bald-bearded-chest-hair-man! ...Damn these nails, they're stuck in deep! Okay, they're out. Wait, Lord Genome!
Simon: What is this about Lord Genome, Aniki?
Kamina: Well, he was just in this shop...
Simon: Hmm? So you were meeting with Lord Genome?
Kamina: I wasn't meeting with him was by accident, like last time.
Simon: By accident? Really?
Kamina: What's wrong, Simon? You're sounding crazy.
Simon: Crazy...yeah, I'd turn crazy all right. Since you've been deceiving me all this time.
Kamina: Deceiving? Me, deceive you?
Simon: Not only betrayed everyone at Dai-Gurren Academy!
Kuro Nia: That's right. Kamina is a traitor!
Kamina: Chairwoman...
Kuro Nia: Everyone, please come out.
Kamina: What's going on, guys?
Dayakka: Kamina, I'm shocked!
Kittan: You bastard...!
Yoko: Kamina...
Kamina: Yoko...
Yoko: It's not true, right? That you've been deceiving's got to be some mistake, right?
Kamina: Obviously! Who the hell do you think I am?
Simon: I know who you are better than anybody. Kamina, the BIG LIAR!
Kamina: Simon...
Kuro Nia: Kamina-kun, please stop the deception! We were listening to the conversation just now between you and my father, Lord Genome! I've recorded it, so listen well.
Lord Genome: Kamina, is it?
Kamina: Lord Genome-sama.
Lord Genome: What's wrong?
Kamina: It's only a matter of time before Simon and my friends at Dai-Gurren Academy surrender to Teppelin!
Lord Genome: Oh?
Kamina: As expected, Lord Genome. You're really the leader of the Teppelin Foundation!
Lord Genome: Don't compliment me so much! Eat up!
Kamina: You'd never guess a spy could be this effective!
Lord Genome: *laughter*
Kittan: We heard it all, Kamina.
Leeron: I examined the voiceprint and...without a doubt, this is your voice. Unfortunately.
Kamina: Leeron, you too?
Simon: You can't talk your way out of it now.
Kuro Nia: This shop is rumored to be a place my father attends frequently. I had my suspicions, so I had a listening device planted.
Kamina: Wait a minute, those voices were edited--
Kuro Nia: We could not find any signs that they were edited.
Kamina: ...So the enemy's technology is superior to ours?
Simon: Enough with the excuses. There's something even more unforgivable than that.
Kamina: Unforgivable?
Simon: You tried to kill me. Running me down in a car, dropping a steel frame on me, bringing a telephone pole down on me...
Kamina: No way...why would I do that?
Kuro Nia: By taking the life of Lagann's pilot, you would have made it impossible for Gurren-Lagann to mobilize. That was your intention.
Simon: We went to your room and found a temporary driver's license, a cutter used to sever the chain of the steel frame, and a strong acid used to corrode the concrete of the telephone pole.
Kamina: That's such obvious evidence...!
Simon: You were making light of me, weren't you? You thought "Simon has complete faith in me," so you became careless. DON'T SCREW WITH ME!
Kamina: Simon...
Simon: But now I know your true colors. You're not my Aniki or anything anymore. Teppelin spy! Here come the police. They're here to charge you for trying to murder me.
Kamina: Alright, I get it. If that's what you want, I'll go to the police station or wherever and get things sorted out there.
Yoko: Kamina!
Kamina: Don't worry, Yoko! This is all a misunderstanding. I'll be back right away.
Yoko: But...
Kuro Nia: If you cover for him more than necessary right now, people will think you were working with him, Yoko-san.
Yoko: No way...
Leeron: Yoko, calm down. Nia is right.
Yoko: Kamina! KAMINA!

Kamina: Just wait, I'll prove my innocence right away.
Rossiu: Ha! Unfortunately, that will be impossible.
Kamina: That voice! You're Rossiu!
Rossiu: Yes, that's right. I'm wearing a police officer's cap and uniform, really such a simple disguise, but it seems you people were so shocked you didn't realize it.
Kamina: Bastards, so you'd go this far...!
Viral: Whoa there, calm down, Kamina.
Kamina: Ha! Rossiu's sitting next to me, and Viral's in the driver's seat. So I guess this means this is all Teppelin's doing.
Viral: We aren't telling any lies. We're bonafide police officers in this city. Here, look at my ID.
Kamina: A police ID?!
Rossiu: This city's police force has already fallen into the Teppelin Foundation's hands. Or perhaps I should say it's been bought out.
Kamina: I thought you guys were being quiet this is what you've been up to.
Rossiu: The plan is to isolate you people at Dai-Gurren Academy.
Viral: You've been careless, Kamina. The commander of this operation has a sharp mind.
Kamina: So in other words, you guys aren't in charge this time?
Viral: SHUT UP!!!
Rossiu: Whoa, hey, Viral! Calm down!
Kamina: Yeah, you'll make your balding partner's hair recede!
Rossiu: DON'T BE RIDICULOUS! I'm not his partner and I'm not balding either!
Kamina: Now's my chance!
Rossiu: O-ow ow ow owowowowow!
Kamina: All right! Good thing I still had Lord Genome's nails with me! You have my thanks, you old bald-bearded-chest-hair-man!
Rossiu: Damn that Kamina! How dare he scratch my forehead! The damn bastard!
Viral: To think he'd jump from a moving car! Ah, well. This city's police is under our control. No matter how much he struggles, Kamina won't be able to escape!

Kamina: Damn! The police are everywhere! And on top of that, I'm hungry! Come to think of it, I've only eaten a mouthful of ramen since this afternoon. ...Hey, a shop. "Snack Zoushigaya?" Well, there's gotta be something to eat!
Zorthy: Welcome!
Kamina: Heh, the owner is a lazy-looking guy with a cigarette. The customers are...a short guy with a shaved head wearing a haramaki and...huh? What's with that guy dressed in black? He's wearing a black turtleneck, black pants, black leather gloves and black shoes. And on top of that, he's even wearing a black ski mask over his face! What is he, a bank robber? Is he planning to eat with that on?
Anti-Spiral: Zorthy, I'd like to order ankake spaghetti.
Zorthy: Comin' right up!
Kamina: Ankake spaghetti?
Anti-Spiral: It's a Nagoya specialty. I find it surprisingly delicious.
Kamina: (What's with this Anspa guy?) Master, I want some yakisoba!
Zorthy: Comin' right up!
Anti-Spiral: This is your first time coming to this shop, isn't it?
Kamina: So what if it is?
Anti-Spiral: In this shop, you'd best not order anything besides ankake spaghetti.
Kamina: What's with you?
Anti-Spiral: Oh, I'm just another customer. An accident left me badly scarred, so I like to keep my face hidden. I hope you don't mind.
Kamina: What's wrong with me ordering yakisoba?
Anti-Spiral: Because it's futile. The owner of this shop, who we call Zorthy, is known for the fact that no matter what he cooks, it will always turn out to be ankake spaghetti.
Kamina: Yeah, right...
Zorthy: Here ya go, yakisoba and anspa. Sorry for the wait.
Kamina: !! It's the same...! The yakisoba and anspa look exactly the same!
Anti-Spiral: Well, that's how it is.
Kamina: *slurp* But it's delicious! Master, this is great! I can't say it tastes like yakisoba, but as ankake spaghetti, it tastes great!
Zorthy: Heh, naturally!
Kamina: Man, that was good! How much do I owe ya, Master?
Zorthy: I don't need any money...because I'll be getting you instead.
Kamina: Huh?
Anti-Spiral: You're far too careless, Kamina-kun.
Kamina: know my name?!
Anti-Spiral: Even though you are being hunted by the police, you succumb to your appetite and become driven by instinct, eating whatever is placed in front of you. How could you not realize that this was a trap?
Kamina: You bastards...!
Anti-Spiral: Paralysis should be setting in now. It is over for you.
Kamina: God...dammit...!

Track 5:

Lord Genome: To think that you'd edit my conversation with can't keep their guard down around you, Kuro Nia.
Kuro Nia: That is just how you've taught me, Father.
Lord Genome: Where's Kamina?
Kuro Nia: He will be found soon. And besides, it makes no difference in the fact that he's been eliminated. Gurren-Lagann will never appear before us again.
Lord Genome: On top of that, it seems you've obtained a loyal pet dog.
Kuro Nia: Yes. My adorable little pet, who would never betray me. Right, Simon-kun?
Simon: Yes, my lady.
Lord Genome: Good grief, you women sure do like the roundabout way of doing things.
Kuro Nia: The more work you put into a meal, the more delicious it will be.
Lord Genome: I see.
Kuro Nia: And the longer you let it cook, the deeper the flavor will be.
Lord Genome: Hmm. But be careful, with such complex recipes, if you get just one step wrong, the entire flavor will be ruined.
Kuro Nia: Do you think I am such a foolish chef? I am sure you will be pleased by it.

Jorgun+Balinbow: You awake, Kamina? Kamina!
Kamina: You guys are...from the Ginbu-kai!
Guinble: That's right. They're Jorgun and Balinbow. I understand you've led them around by the nose quite a bit before.
Jorgun+Balinbow: And this is our boss, Guinble-san! Yeah, he's always in the background, but he's our boss!
Guinble: Shut up! Mind your own business.
Kamina: So if you guys are here, that means this is the Ginbu-kai's building?
Guinble: No, it's not. The Ginbu-kai has been dissolved. We can't do business with a huge robot like Gurren-Lagann as our enemy, you see.
Jorgun+Balinbow: Ah, oh yeah, he's not our boss, he's our former boss! Yeah! Our former boss who's always in the background!
Guinble: Didn't I tell you two to shut up?!
Kamina: Sure enough, if you've only got guys like them working for you, it'd be better to break up.
Guinble: SHUT UP! That's enough impudent remarks from you.
Anti-Spiral: It seems you're still full of energy, Kamina-kun.
Kamina: Y-you're that Anspa guy from before!
Guinble: Chief!
Kamina: Chief?
Anti-Spiral: That's right. This is an even more terrible place than the Ginbu-kai.
Kamina: What?
Anti-Spiral: You were taken in for attempted murder and brought to this prison. I am the chief here.
Kamina: Prison? What about my trial?!
Anti-Spiral: We've finished it. While you were unconscious, that is. You've been sentenced to life in prison. You will never be able to leave here.
Kamina: That's messed up...I might not know much, but I at least know trials like that don't exist!
Anti-Spiral: But they do. Because this is Teppelin's own private prison.
Kamina: Private...prison?
Anti-Spiral: It seems you've underestimated the Teppelin Foundation's power.
Guinble: And that makes us the guards here.
Kamina: Dammit, let me out! Let me out, goddammit!
Anti-Spiral: It's useless. You will never be able to escape this place. Put him in solitary.
Guinble: Yes, chief.
Anti-Spiral: Now, in eternal solitude, you will know the taste of absolute despair, Kamina-kun.
Kamina: THE HELL I WILL! I won't give up! I WON'T GIVE UP!!!



-For anyone unfamiliar with these foods: Yakisoba Yakisoba bread Tanmen Ankake spaghetti

-"misokkasu" (miso lees) has a double meaning for someone who has no value, and can be used to describe a child who gets excluded by his peers during playtime. Poor Simon. :(

-In Japanese fandom, "Anti-Spiral" is sometimes abbreviated as "Anspa" (A-N-CHI-SU-PA-I-RA-RU). But "Anspa" also works as an abbreviated form of "ankake spaghetti," thus the joke.

Next time in Part 2: The epic conclusion! Secrets will be revealed, bonds will be tested, and giant robot battles will be had! Will be posted...probably sometime next month! :D;
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  • "The sense of Wonder" Interviews & Scans

    I finally got my Limited Edition Parallel Works 2 DVD, and decided to translate/scan some parts from the booklet about "The sense of Wonder." Enjoy!…

  • Various translations for Parallel Works 2

    You know, someone should really fansub a few of these. But until that happens: Translated lyrics for the song used in The sense of Wonder…

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