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Manga Chapter 38 scans!

I was in Japan for the past couple of weeks, and bought the latest issue of Dengeki Daioh, which had the second chapter of the timeskip arc! I wasn't able to find the issue with the first chapter though. Oh well. :(

Download: Chapter 38 RAW

I thought I should explain a little about the beginning of this chapter, since it might be confusing for people just jumping in. In the past, in the radio show and at events, Kazuki Nakashima had been talking about Kiyal having her own business group (the Kiyal Konzern) during the timeskip. Like, apparently her company made all those cell phones the characters are seen using, and she's so wealthy that she bought Dayakka & Kiyoh's house for them. Most of fandom wasn't sure whether to take any of this seriously. I mean, he'd also been joking about Attenborough becoming Kiyal's love interest, for crying out loud (Mori is vehemently opposed to this, btw XD).

But now, according to what I've heard about Chapter 37, this has become manga canon. And apparently Mori, being a big Kiyal fan, decided to take it one step further and also make her an idol on the side, à la "Kiyal's Magical Time, Three Minutes Before." So...yeah. That's what happened here.

Personally, I'm not sure it's relevant giving her this much focus, assuming she's not going to do much in the rest of the timeskip like in the anime. I loved the chapter that focused on her & Kittan previously, and I wouldn't mind it if he's planning on expanding her role more, but otherwise...I dunno. It just feels too self-indulgent. ^^;

But at least, it's interesting how the manga can mix in elements of the Parallel Works and movies, since it's still ongoing (I know I was happy to see a certain scene from Lagann-hen make it into this chapter). I hope Mori uses stuff from the 3rd novel too, since that really fleshed out the 3rd arc.
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