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Rare Gurren Lagann books for sale!

It took time and effort to collect these rarities, but the life situation I found myself in calls for parting with them. Please take a look at this variety of official publication and rare Kamina x Yoko doujinshi:

book 1
LE Gurren Hen pamphlet sold at the premiere of the movie, it’s a pretty 30 pages thick, A4 guidebook into the movie with artwork, animation sheets, character art and interview, in perfect condition- $18

book 2Lagann-hen edition of the above, in perfect condition, $15

book 3
Official Doujinshi Anthologies, in perfect condition $16 each

book 4
Hiroyuki Imaishi's 10th personal animation doujin, 162p, 8 color pages, in perfect condition, Gurren Lagann only- $44

book 5
Hiroyuki Imaishi's 9th personal animation doujin, 62p, in perfect condition- $25

book 6
Exclusive 35 full color pages thick official artbook, could only be received with Lagann-Hen advanced movie tickets, in very good condition- $23

Gurren-Hen edition of the above, 25 color pages, in very good condition- $17

book 8
"World One Sign" KaminaxYoko doujinshi, but mostly angst (although it has cute couple illustrations in it), 18p, perfect condition- $15

book 9
Bitter Sweet doujinshi by Nin, KaminaxYoko, 20p, in perfect condition- $18

book 10
Kira☆Kira KaminaxYoko anthology, matt dust shield, 4 color pages and a folded poster, 80 pages overall, perfect condiotion- $30

book 11
"Let's return 130 times!" KaminaxYoko anthology, 130p, this item is not in perfect condiotion (I already bought it this way) the dust cover and the cover itself are a bit crinkled, the spine is a bit broken from both sides, other than that it's fine, no stains no loose pages- $20

book 12
Kamina and Yoko as a traditional japanese wedding couple, normal sized glossy post card - $5

Additionally I've already put a KxY doujinshi on my e-bay:
book 13
and will continue listing more rare KaminaxYoko doujinshi in the upcoming days, so please check it out!

All the items are shipped in a padded envelope, preferably with tracked mail (it's almost the same cost as a standard package).
I accept paypal only, my contact/paypal is carolnbee@gmail.com
I'll try to estimate the exact shipping costs within a day and will ship within 3 days from receiving payment.
Thank you very much for your attention!
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