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GAINAX, Pixar, and some Last Airbender Folks Make TTGL Book for Charity

In order to raise money for charity following the March 11th earthquake, GAINAX is teaming up with some folks from Pixar and the studio responsible for Nickelodeon's Avatar the Last Airbender to make a Gurren Lagann illustration book that will be sold at Comita. All profits will be donated to the Red Cross. How cool is that?

The samples on ANN's website look pretty BA. I'd certainly thrown down for it. What about the rest of you? Better yet, does anyone have any idea how they'd even begin to score a copy?

ANN Article

Khara splitting from Gainax -Thoughts?

In light of recent news, I believe that studio Gainax may be in trouble. If you haven’t heard, Gainax had the balls to make a pachinko game out of Gunbuster, without consulting Anno first. And Anno is now furious with this, even his name is all over ads and the machine. He is now considering splitting his studio Khara from Gainax. Gainax is relying a lot on income from the rebuild of Evangelion movies that they are making a bunch of new anime titles with their share, and without the income from the Rebuild they are at risk of running into the red. The reason Anno is so upset is that Gunbuster was the one anime they wouldn’t market, it wouldn’t turn into a merchandise empire like Evangelion. That they could always looks back and say “see were not in it for the money, this is for fans by fans, were here to tell good stories!” and now its been reduced to a pachinko game, yet another merchandise empire WITHOUT HIS SAY!…. I think Anno is in the right here, I hate pachinko and I hate how Gunbuster’s name is now on it. Now this news probably effects the production on the new Eva films, but it also deeply concerns anyone who is a fan of Gainax. I suppose the best guys could just move to Studio Khara if things get realy bad. Maybe there is nothing to worry about, maybe everything will blow over, but one thing’s for sure, things are getting complicated. So I’m interested in what you guys think, is this nothing to worry about? Or are we in trouble?

Source http://www.japanator.com/rumor-gainax-and-evangelion-remakes-splitting-up--15139.phtml Theres a lot more information here, and I don’t want to just duplicate it, so read it for yourselves.